How much does it cost to tint my car?
Prices are dependent on the type of film, vehicle and number of windows you want to tint.
How long does it take to install film on my car?
It all depends on the number of windows that need tint as well as the type of car.
Is window film installed on the inside or the outside of the glass?
Window film is always applied to the inside of the glass. Specialist simply using the outside of the window to cut & heat shrink the window film for a proper fit.
What do I use to clean my tinted windows?
Ammonia-free window cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel.
Can window tint be removed?
Yes, specialist can remove window tint without harming your windows or demisters.
How soon after my car is tinted, may I roll my 4 side windows down?
3 days is the recommended time limit for most cars.
Will I still be able to see out of my windows at night?
That depends on how dark you tint your windows and also on your own personal night vision.
Will my window film turn purple and bubble?
Only if you choose to install inferior films like those made in China / Korea. Most US quality films are guaranteed not to turn purple, fade or bubble.
My New MyVi or MPV has factory UV tinted windows on the 4 side windows / rear screen. Do they keep out heat (IRR) and UV rays?
Factory glass is only a died glass with no metallic properties. It only keeps out UV rays, but not the heat (infrared rays) that makes your car hot.
What film is legal for my car?
Laws pertaining to how dark you can tint your car windows are subject to JPJ approval.
(VLT for front windscreen is 70% above and VLT for rear windscreen and 4 side windows is 50% above.)