90% of all kinds of cars in this world, when we tinted your car, we no need to open your door trims (door panels). You can watch how we do it and you will be ensured that your car doors will remain intact and safe from any prying and damages which mostly done by inexperienced accessories and tinted specialist shops outside. When outsiders open the door trims, your car’s company will not accept the warranty anymore if any damages happened. Do you want that for your new car? Do you want your warranty void, missing screws, clips or unforeseen electronic wiring problems?
When we said our films complied with JPJ regulations, we really mean it. After tinted, we will give you a warranty card stating JPJ approval. Let’s say you get fined RM300 outside by JPJ or traffic police for our films, give us the ‘surat saman’ and we will pay it for you. Do we want to take such risk and loss when everything is all written in black and white, not just give you assurance orally?
For our film warranty, if anything wrong happens, just drop by to our shops without any fears and hesitation. We will change the film without any accusations and labour charges. Some shops say they have warranty but when you go there for replacement, they will say the warranty is for the film only. You have to pay RM30-RM50 for labour charges. We don’t do that in such dishonest way.
When you tint your car in our shops, you can be assured one thing: completeness. We honestly paste the films you wanted, not exchange the films with lower quality but same colour films when you are not looking. Like showing you first the U.S. films, but installing your car with Korea/China films in the end. After your car is done tinting, we will give you road tax sticker, wiping all those window stains, explain to you about after-tinted regulations that you have to follow and let you check our workmanship freely.