As we mentioned earlier, the accumulations of knowledge, skill and experience in all these years by our tinted staffs will ensure the workmanship of excellence quality and satisfaction of our customers. We specialize in all types of cars in this world. Most tinted shops only know how to talk, but don’t know how to do it as promised.
All our tinted films are originated and imported from U.S. with its quality inspection genuinely tested there. Nowadays, the tinted market is very bad filled with films made in China and Korea. Those want to make a quick profit and get rich fast, they sell them by lying to customers that their films are from U.S. and charging customers in higher prices.
Our prices for U.S. made films are reasonable compared to another in tinted markets nowadays. Even our very high-end film ‘A50 Premium’ is affordable to anyone from any range of incomes. Do please come to our shops anytime for price survey in which we welcome you openly without hard feelings.
In our shops, we can test the infrared rays rejection (IRR) of our films in front of your eyes without orally speaking only. If you want, we can also using the film samples to paste on your car window so you can see which one will match your own taste and satisfaction.
Our name comes with specialist and our tinted specialists will balance workmanship and speed. For to do a full car tinting, we usually take from 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete for one car with great satisfaction. Most shops need 2 to 3 hours to do a full car tinting. Do not think that by doing slowly, the tinting will be great. It’s the opposite. Because the dusts will gather more on the windows if tinting lingerly in slow pace.